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The story of Mezze, and where it all began

A Heritage of 6000 years, a culture that keeps reinventing itself, a rich soil, warm people... That is Lebanon, the birthplace of Mezze. Mezze offers you a unique Lebanese culinary experience blending the freshest natural ingredients with homemade taste and convenience. We invite you to savor this cultural feast... It'll make you feel good! Mezze is a family business established in January 1991. The concept was a vision of Siham Khalil, (managing partner and founder), who came up with the business idea while volunteering at a local NGO. In order to help empower women Siham hired women who would craft frozen Lebanese Mezze ready to eat for the professionals and young working couples. Siham’s business concept was unique at the time. Traditionally, Lebanese mezze making is taught from one generation to another. With the modern world putting pressure on people’s daily lives and interests, the tradition started fading away and people cared less for learning food crafts. Yet, food in Lebanon still occupies a crucial part in people’s daily lives. Mezze’s launch of the new products proved to be very successful and consumers perceived the brand very well. Mezze entered the 21st century holding the number one position in its category fortified with the different procedures and policies that the family has adopted over the time. We only use quality ingredients, stringent quality control measures, and all products are handmade.

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