Mezze’s products are 100% handmade.
You could say that we love people... we hate machines!

Certified Halal

Rest assured, our products are certified Halal products.

Fresh Ingredients

At Mezze, we believe that excellent input produces a superior output. That is why we make sure that all of our ingredients are sourced fresh.

Locally Grown Vegetables

Naturally grown, freshly picked from Lebanese fields, delivering our promise of authentic Lebanese culinary experience.

In an effort to control the quality of our ingredients, Mezze has made the decision early on to source most of its vegetables locally or from the ground, managed directly by us.

100% Lebanese

Mezze is a 100% Lebanese staffed company.

Unsurpassed Quality

Mezze acquired in early 2013 its HACCP certification and as of December 2014, Mezze is the first and only factory in its category to have ISO 22,000 certified food safety management systems.
This speaks loudly of our commitment to quality and food safety.

No Trans Fats

Mezze’s products do not contain Trans-Fats.

No Added Preservatives

Mezze does not add any preservatives to its products.

No Colorings

All the colors in our products are the natural colors of nature... All the flavors are also natural flavors, we add no flavor enhancers.

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